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2006 Symposium: Transitioning to Retirement: How Will Boomers Fare?
April 24-25, 2006

About the Conference

Presenters at this conference drew on new microeconomic panel datasets including the Health and Retirement Study to evaluate how well Baby Boomers compare with prior cohorts, in terms of their preparedness for retirement. Papers examined financial, health, and social capital of Boomers on the verge of retirement, with similar measures of wellbeing or shortfalls for previous cohorts.

This conference was a Wharton Impact Conference sponsored by the Wharton School's Pension Research Council and Boettner Center for Pensions and Retirement Research.

Co-organized by Beth Soldo, Brigitte Madrian, and Olivia S. Mitchell.

Conference Agenda

Session I: Projecting Financial Wellbeing Across Cohorts

Session II: Other Resources for Retirement Session III: The Role of Institutions for Saving and Dissaving

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